The Audio Barn

Recording Studio and Independent Audio Distribution Label

Dulzura, CA Phone (619) 818-2079 for information.


  Digital multitrack audio recording and mastering

  Demo recordings for bands and singers

  Analog recording


  Demo recordings for songwriters

  Production, consulting and engineering

  Podcasting and other Internet media services

  Get help with your original projects

  Arranging, chord charts, songwriting assistance

  Audio and video file conversion

  Cover art, photography and design

  Sell your CDs on the Internet


Singers/Songwriters: Audio Barn owner Tom Smerk specializes in helping you arrange your songs to make them sound their best. We can do everything from helping with lyrics and chord progressions to creating dynamic arrangements to going into the studio with you and getting the best possible mix of your songs and demos. Take advantage of my 45+ years experience and extensive training to help you make the difference between a ho-hum song and a hit song. More info:


My degree in Music Education from Mount Aloysius College combined with my experience as a professional entertainer and music teacher since 1965, which included recording and playing on many projects, has left me with a "good ear" for professional audio recording. I can help singers, speakers and bands produce recording projects at a much higher level with the degree of professionalism that captures and holds the listeners attention. I also recieved extensive training in the pro-audio industry while working as a pro-audio retailer and consultant from 1979 to 1986. I can do in-studio multitrack recording using the latest digital audio interfaces and computer software, or I can come to you with a portable battery operated digital multitrack portastudio. I have a good selection of microphones, instruments, amplifiers and effects to get the job done to your satisfaction. I'll look forward to meeting you and discussing your project!