Message posted November 10, 2015:  “An Amazing Testimonial”



This month, rather than a message, I have an amazing story to share with you about God’s presence in my life. What I’m about to share with you sounds too amazing to be true, but I swear it is, and those of you who have shared a similar experience will be able to relate this to something similar in your life.


A friend of mine, “Moose,” is a professional mechanic, and he drove out to my ranch to remove a part from my Case farm tractor to take with him and have repaired. When he started to work on the tractor, he showed me where one of my front tires was flat. After putting some air in the tire, it was evident that I needed a new inner tube. He removed the hydraulic steering part he was working on and left. A few days later, I tried to take the wheel off to take it to a tire shop, but it had been so long since the wheel was last removed, the lug bolts holding on the wheel were frozen and probably also rusted to the backing plate. I borrowed a breaker bar to put more torque on the bolt, but still no luck.


Moose had to come back to get another piece of the steering that needed a special tool to remove, so he brought his torque wrench and was able to remove the wheel. On this wheel, instead of having threaded studs sticking out where you screw on lug nuts, the wheel backing plate had six threaded holes that bolts screw into. We noticed that two of the bolts had their heads broken off and the threaded shafts of the bolts were rusted into the holes and would have to be drilled out. There was no simple way to remove them. This was a skill that was beyond my ability, so I asked my friend Moose for help, and he said that someday he might be able to help me with that when he came back to work on the steering, but it would take quite some doing because it may have been like that for over 30-40 years, and those broken bolt pieces were not going to come out easily.


I took the wheel to a tire shop that also works on tractor tires and had the inner tube replaced. When I got the wheel and tire home and went to mount it back on my tractor (I was just going to replace the same 4 bolts that were not broken, thinking that it worked with 2 missing bolts before, so it will work with 2 missing bolts again), I noticed that the broken bolt pieces had been removed. I assumed that Moose had made a special trip and did that for me, but we live a big distance apart from each other, that would have been quite a favor for him to go out of his way like that to help me. Also, we leave for work about the same time each day, and I arrive home before he gets off work, so if he would have come over, I would have seen him when he arrived.


Moose came to see me at work the next day to drop something off and I asked him when he came over to remove the broken bolts. He said that he had not been to my ranch since I saw him last, and he had not removed the bolts. I asked him “Well who did – nobody else knew about this?” I could tell he was telling the truth when he said it was not him that removed the stuck bolt fragments.


Who do you think removed the bolts for me? I didn’t do it, Moose didn’t do it, and nobody else did it – at least Nobody of this world!


That is not the first time I experienced God’s presence in my life. I could tell you more stories, but we’ll save them for a different time. In the meantime, if someone tries to tell you that there is no God, that He only exists in people’s minds, then you just go ahead and tell them that you know better!