Welcome to “AA6TS.com” the site for radio enthusiasts

The purpose of this site is:

  1. Provide information and resources useful to radio operators and listeners
  2. To help educate new hams and offer guidance to all radio hobbyists
  3. To offer a connection point where radio enthusiasts can meet and exchange comments and information
  4. To promote amateur radio, shortwave listening, frequency scanning, and Citizens
    Band radios such as CB, GMRS, FRS and eXRS.
  5. To support disaster services, especially emergency communications.
  6. To provide news and links of interest to the radio community

This site was launched in December 2011 by Tom Smerk, AA6TS, and it has a lot of room for development. I hope that it will eventually become a favorite of hams and radio enthusiasts around the world. You can help by taking the time to explore the site, leave a comment or introduce new topics, share any interesting news that you have verified, send
me comments, share your favorite links, or post a photo of your ham shack, unusual piece of equipment, your club or group, or an event you worked on. My email is <a href=”mailto:tom@tomsmerk.com”>tom@tomsmerk.com</a>.

Enjoy your visit, and please come back often!


One comment on “Welcome to “AA6TS.com” the site for radio enthusiasts

  1. Hello everybody. I am posting the first comment on this site as an example, and I hope that more of you will feel welcome to make additional comments about amateur radio and other radio hobbies. Please be courteous and respect other people’s opinions, and please follow the professional nature of the site when posting comments. Enjoy!

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