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The illustration below shows where I am in my quest for the ultimate signal. The Cobra dipole works well, and it is a unique design in that it is “folded” twice, meaning that the the wire on each side is folded back for a second strand and then again for a third strand. The total length of 104 feet actually uses 420 feet of wire, but in 1/3 the space! I still have to add some extra poles on each end of the wires to get the ends higher. I’m going to try to get each end up another 20 feet or more. The big vertical antenna is a Gap Titan, which is one of the best antennas made for 80 meters through 10 meters, but this one of mine is not working corrently and will need some work. The Gap company gave me a list of tests to run on the antenna, and then based on my findings, they will tell me what to do. I may have to replace the main wiring harness in the center section of the antenna. The tall thin antenna is an old Shakespeare “Big Stick” for 10 and 11 meters. It works well, but right now the coax has expired and is waiting to be replaced, so right now, all of my HF work is done on the dipole!

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  1. Since I posted this, I sold the Gap Titan to a friend, KF7ITJ, and continue to use the Cobra Ultralite Senior dpole for HF. The Gap Titan was replaced by a Diamond VHF/UHF gain antenna so that I can hit more repeaters and reach more ditital access sites including my favorite one in Tijuana, which I couldn’t hit beofre. I am saving up for a new HF verticle antenna. I don’t know whether to get the Cushcraft R9 or the Hy-Gain AV-680. Any suggestions?

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