Amateur Radio Resources

I have looked all over the Internet for web sites that contain information of interest to ham radio operators of all levels, from beginners to advanced, and have listed some of my favorites below. The links to these websites are divided into categories to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.


AMSAT (The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation)
Antique Wireless Association
ARES – Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Southwest Division of ARRL
ARRL Regulatory & Advocacy
National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters, Inc.
REACT International, Inc.
Southwestern REACT of San Diego County Inc.

A Little About Rules And Regulations

Rules And Regulations From ARRL Handbook
ARRL Chart Of Sub Bands
ARRL U.S. Band Plan Chart
Check your radio to see if it is FCC accepted

The Best Ham Radio References And Ham Portals

AC6V Site – One Of The Best And Most Complete Ham Radio Web Sites! (Ham Radio on the Net)
QRZ – One Of The Best Ham Portals – Not Just For Call Sign Lookups!
Yahoo! Amateur And Ham Radio Directory
Buckmaster Publishing Hamcall
Amateur Radio Webring
DX Zone (Great collection of links)

News about Ham Radio

Alltop (Ham radio news)
Amateur Radio News from ARRL
Amateur Radio Newsline
Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club (DARC) Newsletter
DARC News in English
Google News Search
Ham Radio Daily
Ham Radio News
HF Link
IARU Region 1 News
IARU Region 2 News
IARU Region 3 News
IberRadio (Hamfest in Spain)
International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)
Irish Radio Transmitters Society
Israel Ham Radio Portal
Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL)
KH6JRM’s Amateur Radio Blog
NewsWest (Western Australia Ham News)
QRZ Forum Activity Stream (Must be logged in) New Event Listings (Must be logged in)
South African Amateur Radio Development Trust
The South African Radio League
Southgate Amateur Radio News
This week in Amateur Radio International
The Timaru Herald
The Times of India
Wireless Institute of Austrailia Home Page
Wireless Institute of Austrailia News Page
New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters (NZART)

Resources for Ham Radio

73 Classifieds – Free Amateur Radio Classifieds
AA5TB – Good Ham Radio Projects and Information
AB5N (Bob Nagy) Icom Microphone Upgrades
AC6V Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide
Amateur Radio Glossary: Jargon, Abbreviations and Terminology
AC6V History Of Amateur Radio
Amateur Band Chart (Color-US) with Power Limits
Amateur Radio Newsline (If you mised the Sunday 8PM SANDRA net, get your news here!)
Antenna ideas for 630 Meters
AOR (“Authority On Radio” Communications)
ARRL Band Plans (a very nice reference)
ARRL Contest Information
ARRL Document: Propagation Planning for Contests
ARRL DX Century Club
Archives and Articles compiled by William Eric McFadden, WD8RIF (Good reading!)
Articles, reviews, etc (eHam)
Austailian Government IPS Radio and Space Services Website
AVVid – Kenwood ham radio service center
Bird 43 Wattmeter Information
California club with good tech articles
Canada’s Amateur Radio Society
CARC Project – Nice Callsign lookup database for when you’re not on the Internet
Central States VHF Society
Classified Ads On The eHam Portal
Craig Williams Ham Radio Web Site
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds and Decimal Degrees – Latitude/Longitude Conversions – Site That Has A List Of Manuals For Download
Direction Finding Tips And More
DJ0IP Ham Radio Site – Solutions for everyday problems
Educational resources and links
Fantastic collection of links – Gordon West’s W5YI Group
FCC amateur radio enforcement log
FCC Resource Materials
FCC Equipment Search (find out what frequency your appliances are on)
Fox Tango – Resources for Yaesu Owners
Free e-mail service for hams
GG4FON Ham Radio Information
Ham radio gear, call sign lookups
Ham Radio History Forum
Ham radio resources
Ham Radio Secrets
Ham Radio Tutorial Videos
HF amplifiers, antennas, and more – Monitor HF ALE Activity – Good Ham Radio and Shortwave Resources
History of Telecommunication
“Homing In” – The Art and Science of Radio Direction Finding (RDF)
IARU Band Plan
Inductive components for RFI
J-Pole “Slim Jim” Frequency Calculator
K1IW Amateur Repeater and Broadcast Transmitters Database Websearch (Find local repeaters as you travel)
KD0ZZ Photos (for inspiration, mostly antenna stuff)
Line Loss Calculator
Linking ham radio via the Internet
Longwave Home Page (The World of Radio Below 500kHz)
N8XYN-Good Ham Radio Site
NIST Radio Station WWV
NW7US Amateur and Shortwave Radio Command Center
Numerical Electromagnics Code (Method of Moments)
Old instruction manuals
Operating tips from Calgary hams
Operating tips, ham news
Prolific Drivers and Information (See also “Wouxun”)
QRN Resource: The ARRL RF Noise Identification Web Page (Known to hams as “QR-Zed” – used for logging QSLs and much more!)
QSL Card Examples
QSO’s and more
RadioMods – Mods for CB and Amateur Radios
RF safety calculator
San Diego Ham Radio Licensing Classes – Community Amateur Radio Clubs
Sherwood Engineering Receiver Test Data
Simpson VOM Manuals & Schematics – 1939 to 2007
Strong Signals
Swan Siltronix Home Page
Technical resources for hams
The Best General Coverage HF Transceivers for Shortwave Listening
Twin-Band Area Spectrum Management Association
Used equipment ads and more
WA1ION Articles And References
WD2XSH – Resources for 600 Meter (500 KC) Band
W5YI Group Resources
WIN System Linked Repeaters
Wouxun Prolific Drivers and Information
10,000 Watt Amplifier for sale – obviously not for ham radio, but interesting to look at!


Resistor Color Code Calculator – Works both directions
Nice Resistor Color Code Chart

Callsign Lookup

ARRL Callsign Lookup
ARRL Vanity Call Signs
FCC Online Database
FCC ULS license maintenance
Information on temporary special event 1X1 callsigns
QRZ Callsign Database
AE7Q Callsign Quert Tools
Register your callsign
Vanity Call Sign Search
WM7D Callsign Database
Callsign prefix assignments

Blogs and Personal Web Sites

American Bandscan by Doug Smith
Antenna Topics by Kent Britain
Below 500KHZ by Kevin Corey
Fed Files by Chris Parris
Larry’s Monitoring Post by Lorry Van Horn
Milcom Monitoring Post by Lorry Van Horn
Scanning Report by Don Veeneman
Shortwave Central by Gayle Van Horn
Tom’s Radio Shack by Tom Smerk N6TKT
Utility World by Hugh Stegman
VU2MSY – A good ham radio site from India
W2AGN Site (I don’t mean to single anyone out, but you just gotta see these photos of this guy’s shack!)

Have Fun With Low Power! QRP Operating Resources

Adventure Radio Society
American QRP Club
G-Qrp Club (SPRAT Magazine)
QRP Amateur Radio Club International
QRP Forum
QRP-L Email Reflector
SOTA Beams (Amateur Radio Equipment for the Great Outdoors)

Morse Code (CW)

Generate CW MP3 Files to make your own lessons
AA9PW Site (CW practice)
ARRL Morse Code Practice
CW Abbreviations And Prosigns
CW Teacher by N3FJP
Books about Morse Code
Morse code training aids
Morse Code Practice Software
Morse Code Teaching Machine
Morse Trainer Instructions From G4FON
NW7US International Morse Code Resource Center
Precision SW
Sparks Telegraph Key Review
TA2BG Computer Programs For Morse Code Practice
TASRT – The Amateur Society for Radio Telegraphy
Vibroplex Morse Code Keys
W1AW Practice Schedule

Information About Repeaters

The Repeater Builder’s Technical Information Page
Repeater Elmers (People To Contact For Repeater Help)
Repeater Information From QSL.Net

Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retail Stores

AC6V List Of Radio Manufacturers And Stores
Aceco (Frequency Counters)
Advanced Specialties
Alpha Delta Communications
Amateur Accessories
Anderson Power Products “Powerpole Connectors” Page
Associated Radio
Austin Amateur Radio
AES – Amateur Radio Supply
Battery Charging Monitor and Alarm
BHI Noise Cancelling Products
C.Crane (Shortwave and AM radios, etc.)
Cedar City Sales
Central Utah Electronics Supply
Communications Products
Computer International, LLC
DBJ Radio & Electronics
The DX Store
ESSB Hi-Fi Audio (Improve you SSB Transmit Audio)
Eton & Grundig
Emergency Communications and Ham Radio Gifts and Apparel
Flex Radio Systems (Software Defined)
GigaParts, Inc
GRE American (Scanners, etc.)
Grove Enterprises
Ham Radio Center
Ham Radio And Electronics Kits Links From A6SV
The Ham Station
Heil Sound Amateur Radio Products
Houston Amateur Radio Supply
HRO – Ham Radio Outlet
Harlan Technologies – Name tags and special event badges
Heil Sound
High Sierra
Jameco Electronics
JFT100 Batteries
Jun’s Electronics
K-Comm, Inc. – The Ham Store
K1 CRA Radio Webstore
Kaito Electronics (Solar and dynamo powered radios)
Kenwood USA
KJI Electronics, Inc.
LDG Electronics
Lentini Communications, Inc
Lido – No holes mounting solutions
List Of Manufacturers From Austin Amateur Radio Supply
List Of Manufacturers From K5MAY
Master Publishing, Inc – Publishers of Radio and Electronics Books
Mega Watt Power Supplies (80A, 36A, 30A)
MFJ Ham Accessory Catalog
National RF (Radio Frequency and Unique Electronic Devices)
New Ham Store
Optoelectronics (Frequency Counters)
Anderson Powerpole Connectors (a tutorial by California OES)
Powerpole Connector information
PowerPort – Portable power supplies and packs and pouches for communications equipment
PowerWerx (Parts, import radios)
R & L Electronics
Rad-Comm Radio
Radio City
Radio Shack – Archive of old catalogs 1939-2011 – Awesome!
Scanner Master
Sherwood Engineering – Good source for filters, vintage, etc.
Stealth Amateur Radio (Solutions for apartments and condos)
Stridsberg Engineering (Preamps)
Super Antenna Systems for HF – VHF – UHF
TG Electronics
TNC-X – The Expandable TNC (Some people I know are geting these)
Tower Electronics (Cables, plugs, parts and tools)
Uniden (Makers of the popular “Home Patrol” scanner)
Universal Radio Inc.
US Tower
W2IHY Technologies – Products for Amateur Radio Audio & Equalization
Waypoint Crusing Solutions
WB0W, Inc.
Wouxun Radios

Mail Order Stores

39″ X 27″ World Prefix Map on Coated Paper
1 Stop Electronics
Advanced Specialty Electronics
Antennas Dealers And Manufacturers By AC6V
Bob’s CB & Wireless
Franks Radio
Ham Tech Stop – New online store
Internet Vendor Directory By W4CUE
JST Antenna Analyzer Kit
Lentini Communications
Let’s Go Digital
Log Jam Electronics
National Electronics
Nevada Radio
PY1YB Accessories and replacement parts
Radio Mart
The Rado Works
Scanner Store, The
SOTA Beams (Amateur Radio Equipment for the Great Outdoors)
Thunderpole Astra Communications
Universal Radio
USA Scan Amateru Radio Equipment and Accessories
Wild West Electronics
You Kits (Radios and Accessories in either kit or assembled form)

Antenna, Feedline And Connectors Manufacturers

ABR Industries (Coax Cables)
AC6V List Of Antenna, Coax And Tower Manufacturers And Stores
All kinds of antennas & accessories
Antennas and related gear
Antennas, connectors, and more
BA Products
Chameleon Zepp Antenna
Directive Systems
Coaxial Dynamics
Connect World
Cubex Antennas
Diamond Antenna
Directive Systems
Dr. Dipole (Hand Built Dipole Antennas and Baluns)
Fleeman, Anderson & Bird
Ham Station
Hy_Gain Antennas and Towers
InLogis Pixel Shielded Magnetic Receive-Only Loop Antenna
Isotron Antennas and Accessories
Jackite Poles – Some use these for portable masts
JST Antenna Analyzer Kit
Kewal Products (India)
Laird Technologies
M2 Antenna Systems, Inc.
MP Antenna
New-Tronics Antenna Corporation (Hustler Antennas)
Par Electronics
Penninger Radio – Source of masts, clamps, bases
Radio Frequency Systems (RFS)
Radio Works
RF Connection
RF Connector
RF Parts Company
RFS Radio Frequency Systems
Star Antenna
Super Antenna Systems for HF – VHF – UHF
Surplus Server
Texas Towers
Times Microwave
TW Antennas – Portable, stationary and stealth ham radio antennas
US Tower
VIS Amateur Supply

Antennas Mail Order

BA Products
C. Crane
Durham Radio
Hobby Radio
Stark Electronic
Universal Radio

Antenna and Feed Line Resources

Antenna Length Calculator (Easy to use!)
Apartment dwellers 7 in 1 ‘Hamstick’ Tree (Interesting approach!)
Build Your Own Super J-Pole Antenna
Calculator for Inverted-V Antennas Articles On Antennas
Copper ground strap, antenna masts
Cushcraft Antenna site with good technical data
Directional antennas
DX Engineering Mast Load Estimator (For DX Engineering Masts Only)
Feedlines, connectors, & wire galore
Mobile antennas and accessories
News & science reports about space
Photo of 5 band fan dipole (For ideas)
Photos of ham gear, mostly antennas, for inspiration and reference
Portable Satellite Beams
Radio propagation reports
Roll Your Own Antenna
Toroids Info

Magazines and Publications

Online archive of many radio and electronics magazines – some go back to the `30’s!
AMRED Magazine (Amateur Radio in Education) 1994-2001
CQ Amateur Radio
CQ VHF (Ham Radio above 50 MHz)
CQ-DATV magazines (Digital TV) in several eBook formats
DX News
Ham News from GE Tubes – Vintaqe magazines from 1946 to 1963
Ham Radio Horizons Magazine (1977-1979)
QEX (Calling All Experimenters)
Monitoring Times
National Communications
Popular Communications
Scanning USA
World Radio
World Radio Magazine Online
Ham Radio Magazine – September 1977 (Some very interesting vintage reading)
VHF Communications (UK) Web Site

Equipment Reviews, Articles and Information

Equipment Reviews
Extensive Database Of Equipment Reviews From eham
Ham Equipment Reviews
Robert Parnass Reviews Equipment

Electrical Safety

ARRL Articles And Guidelines
Electrical Safety Forum
Electrical Safety (From The ARRL Antenna Book)
Excellent RF safety calculator
Polyphaser Lightning And Grounding Notes

Military Affiliate Radio Service (MARS)

Air Force MARS
Navy/Marines MARS


Tom Smerk, ©2013