Education & Resources for New Hams

There are two types of resources on this page. First is the information you need to explore the possibilities of ham radio and to find out how to get started toward earning your first ham radio license. Included are study guides and practice tests to help you pass your exam at each level. Also, you will find information about what to do once you have obtained your license, so that you may begin enjoying ham radio. One of my favorite aspects of amateur radio is to help new hams get started. I am a college professor, so naturally, I love to teach, and I will continue to add resources to help your ham radio education.

A Little About Rules And Regulations

Rules And Regulations From ARRL Handbook
ARRL Chart Of Sub Bands
ARRL U.S. Band Plan Chart

Online Training & Learning About Amateur Radio, Ham License Study, Upgrade and Practice Exams (New Hams)

Technician class – 6 1/2 hour training video on YouTube
Amateur Radio Glossary: Jargon, Abbreviations and Terminology
An interesting Blog Post (for beginners) on what ham radio is all about
ARRL Exam Question Pools
AA9PW FCC Exam Practice
Chatroom for those studying to become a ham
eQSL Ham Test Online
FCC Exam Question Pools
Guide to Amateur Radio by Eham
CW Teacher by N3FJP
Amateur Radio “Getting Started” guides from Essex Ham (UK)
Guide to Using Repeaters for New Hams by AA6TS
“I just obtained my Ham Radio License – Now What?” by AA6TS
Ham Study – Online Amateur Radio Exam Study Courses
How to get started with Ham Radio by AA6TS
Top Ten Rules for Being a Good Amateur Radio Operator by AA6TS
Upgrading to Amateur Radio from Other Radio Services by AA6TS
Ham radio intro video for complete newbies
Ham Radio Training for Responders and Groups by AA6TS
Guide to Joining a Net for New Hams by AA6TS
What to put in your Go Kit by AA6TS
Ham Radio Instructor & Student Resources
Ham Radio School
New User Tips For VHF-UHF Operation
The Ham Whisperer – Neat Learning Site
NVIS – A comprehensive and informative paper
QRZ Practice Exam Page
San Diego Amateur Radio Classes – Contains Some Great Study Materials For Technician And General Exams
San Diego Ham Radio Classes Facebook Page
SANDARC (San Diego County) Schedule of Local Amateur Radio Exams
Test Preparation & Practice Exams for Amateur and Commercial Radio Licenses
W1AW Bulletins and CW practice broadcast schedule
Ouestion Pools
VEC Maintained Question Pool
W8MHB Exam Practice
Welcome To Amateur Radio (ARRL)

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