One of the thrills of ham radio has always been making a contact with a distant station or a contact of some significance, such as the International Space Station. While most of the DX contacts are made on the HF bands, there are also opportunities for technicians on the VFH and UHF bands. If you are a “thrifty” ham (like I am), check out the QRP section to discover that you don’t need a powerful rig to establish exciting DX contacts.

Nets are a good way to keep in touch with other local users as well as keep your radio skills sharp so that you can remain confident during emergency situatons. If you do not already participate in a weekly net, I urge you to give it a try. Turn to my “Clubs” page and find a ham radio club in your area or one that interests you, and check their website for time and frequency for their nets. Listen once or twice to how the net is conducted, and you will be ready to jump in and join the net!

If you like to cover your wall with awards and certificates, then this is the right page for you. Check out some of the many contests and see what you can do to get started toward obtaining your award certificate. Good luck!

Propagation and Atmospheric Conditions

144 MHz Propagation Logger
50 MHz Propagation Logger
ACE-HF System Simulation and Visualization software (for propagation)
ARRL Propagation Bulletin
Lots of Solar / Aurora Data by VE3VN
Current Ionesphere Activity
HF Propagation
International Meteor Organization (IMO) 2014 Meteor Shower Calendar
Meteor Scatter
National Weather Service (NOAA) Space Weather Prediction Center
Plot propigation paths
RSGB Propagation Page
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch – Radio Propagation, Space Weather, Sunspot Cycle Info
Understanding HF Propagation Reports

QSL Cards And Online Listing

ARRL’s Logbook Of The World (LOTL)
ArtSci QSL Card Order Form
Cheap QSL’s
Electronic QSL System
Info On QSL Cards
QSL Maker (The one I used for my cards)
Make Your own QSL Cards By WA7S
QSL Maker 2.2
QSL Works
Universal Radio
WF5E QSL Service


AZ-EQ (Azimuthal-Equidistant) Map (Print Your Own)
Daily DX
DX Coffee (“Expressly for DXers”)
DX World
ARRL DXCC List And Ham Rado Prefix MAp(Purchase)
DX Links (Huge List!)
DX Spotting at QRZ site
Grey Line Map (Most efficient propagation)
ITU Prefix List
List of Sound Card Radio Interfaces
OPDX Bulletin
Understanding Soundcard Interfacing

Popular DX Award Programs

ARRL Awards Programs
CQ Magizine Awards
Information On Meteor Scatter And Propagation
Radio Society Of Great Britain (RSGB)
VHF/UHF/Microwave DX Records

Awards Programs and Contest Info

ARRL Special Events Calendar
Awards Directory And Extensive LIst Of Web Links – “The Sport of Amateur Radio”
Information About IRC’s (International Reply Coupons – “Ham Dollars”)
Voodoo Contest Group

Contest Calendars

ARRL Contest Calendar
ARRL Contester’s Rate Sheet (Email Newsletter)
SM3CER’s Contest Calendar
VK4DX’s Contest Calendar
WA7BNM’s Contest Calendar

QRP Contests And Awards

Adventure Radio Society “Adventure Sprints”
QRP Awards
QRP Contest Calendar By N2CQ
QST ARCI Spring And Fall QSO Parties
National Contest Journal
The Official WSJTGROUP Awards Page for Rules & Current Standings


ARRL Net Directory
ARRL Net Search Web Page (Find Local Nets)

Specialty Conventions

Digital Communications Conference
Microwave Update
Pacific Northwest DX Convention
Southeastern VHF Conference
Visalia Internationl DX Convention

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