This resource list includes digital modes such as packet, RTTY, PSK32, spread spectrum, email and the new D-Star system. CW is incleuded in it’s own section of this site. Also included below are links to software downloads for ham radio, both training aids and computer interfaces for digital modes. Enjoy!

Ham Radio Email Reflectors

ARES, Portable Operation, Direction Finding
Directories Of Mailing Lists and Reflectors
Over 600 Topics
TowerTalk, CQ-Contest, Amps, Top Band (160-meters)

Radioteletype (RTTY)

DJ3NG’s RTTY Contesting Site
MMTTY Software Site
RTTY E-mail Reflector (Subscribe)

Digital Modes

Satellites And Space Station

AC6V Slow Scan TV Site
Accessing The International Space Station (ISS)
AMSAT (Amateur Satellites)
ISS Fan Club (Info and Frequencies for the Space Station)
Mobile Wif-Fi Hot Spot for Satellites
Real Time Satellite Tracking
Satellite Tracks in Real Time with Google Earth
Simple Sat Look Down – Satellite Tracking Software
STSPlus Satellite Tracking Software


10 Meter Beacon List
G3USF’s 50 MHz Beacon List
Northern California DX Foundation’s HF Beacon Network

Internet Radio

Windows Media Guide (Internet Radio)
Web Radio – Gateway to Radio Stations broadcasting on the Net
Internet Radio Linking Project
Media.Org (Internet Talk Radio)

Amateur Radio Television

P.C. Electronics – Getting started in Amateur Television
Ham Radio Television via Internet
CQ-DATV Amateur TV Magazines – Free Download
CQ-DATV Magazine eBook downloads page
How Camcorders Work


Afret Software “Morse Runner” Contest Simulator
DX Atlas Software
DX LAb Software
Ionospheric (Sky-wave) Propagation Software
KG-UV Commander (Programming software for Wouxun UVD1P, UV2D, UV3D and similar radios)
Logging Programs From AC6V
NuWare (Software (Freeware) Exam Practice)
Portable Logging Software For Palm OS
ScanCat (Scanning Software)
Winlink 2000
Old DOS Packet Software
List of Packet Software

Linux Software For Ham Radio

Terry Dawson VK2KTJ’s Listing

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