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I hope that I have not given you the impression that I am interested in ham radio above all else. The fact is that I spend more time listening to my scanners and shortwave radios than I do on my ham radio. I started my radio hobby in 1974 by installng a CB radio in my van, and I have had CB radios in many cars and vans I have owned since then, even my current car until I recently replaced the CB antenna with a 144/440 whip. I use a digital scanner and three analog scanners, and my radio bench includes a shortwave radio and a SSB handheld shortwave radio, but I usually use my wide range receiver in my ham radio to listen to shortwave.

CB Radio is still going strong in many places. There are “niche” markets for CB information popping up all over the place. You can enjoy a radio that is close to a 10 Meter ham radio for very little money ($10 at a swap meet!) and no license requirement! I recently picked up a Cobra 2000 GTL (but not for $10!), a Uniden PC-122XL, a Sears Roadtalker and a Realistic TRC-450 AM/SSB 40 channel CB. I also keep some other CB mobiles and handhelds available for loan to off-roaders when they go on desert runs.

Speaking of the no license requirement, check out the FRS (Family Radio Service) radios if you want a nice, quiet UHF radio with no license requirement. Perfect for camping, hiking, boating, cycling and more.

Enjoy these links, and I promise I will look hard to find more interesting sites for scanner enthusiasts, shortwave listeners, CB radio, and for those who use FRS, GMRS and EXRS radios. I hope that you will also send me your favorite links!

Scanner Links

New Scanner Frequencies Site – All States
Broadcastify – Radio Scanner feeds
Broadcastify – San Diego County Radio Scanner feeds
Chicago Area Radio Monitoring Association (CARMA)
CityFreq – Listed by City (All US States)
Evaluating The Performance Characteristics Of Scanner Antennas
Illinois Trunked Radio Systems
Police Codes Explained
Police Scanners.Net
Police Scanner Radio Feeds App for Android
Quad-Cities (Iowa-Illinois) Area Scanning Information
Radio Reference Database
Radio Reference Home Page – Excellent Site For Scanner Information
RigPix (Pictures Of Scanners)
RadioReference Frequency Guide
San Diego Police and Station Codes
Signal Intelligence (Scanstar-Trunkstar)
Scanner City Live
Scanner Mods & Photos
Scanner Frequencies, Codes And Informaton From Bearcat
Scanner Master
Scanning Resources From Grove Enterprises
Strong Signals By Rich Wells
Suburban Chicago Amateur Repeater Directory Of Favorite Frequencies
ScabberFreq’s Southern Illinois Scanner Frequencies
ScannerMaster Frequency Guide
Western North Carolina Scanner Club

Scanner Manufacturers

Racing Electronics
Uniden – Bearcat

Shortwave Radio Links

Global Tuners – Listen To Shortwave Receivers Online
Radio DXing Bookmarks and links
Shortwave Radio Listening Links
Listen To A Shortwave Radio Live
Medium Wave Circle – Online magazine about MW, LW and related topics
Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts
NASWA Shortwave Listening Guide
NW7US Amateur and Shortwave Radio Command Center
Pirate’s Week – A shortwave broadcast site
PAR End Fedz 45-foot Shortwave Antenna
Prime Time Shortwave (English languafge broadcasts)
The Best General Coverage HF Transceivers for Shortwave Listening

Citizen’s Band (CB) Radio Links

11 Meter Reference Guide
CB Crystal Mixing Charts
CB Radio Info From The FCC
CB Radio Magazine
CB Radio Q&A FAQ – Good Information From Advanced Specialties, Inc.
CB TricksClassic CB Base Antennas
Copper Electrtonics – My Favorite CB Radio Source For A Long Time!
FCC Consumer Guide: Personal Radio Services
Grumpy’s Old Time Radio Forum
Homebrew CB Antenna
How Does A CB Radio Antenna Work?
Jokerman – Online CB Radio Store
My CB Shack – Clubs & Info Links
National Communications CB RAdio FAQ
Panama Red’s CB Site
Radio Geek Heaven CB Pages
RadioMods – Mods for CB and Amateur Radios
Radio Shack “CB Radio Answers”
Reasons to have a CB radio in your car
Roadtripping and CB radios
Signal Engineering – Good web site about CB antennas
Some interesting articles and photos from “Night Ranger”
Thor’s CB Radio
Ultimate Guide to CB Antennas
Vintage Radio Shack Catalogs – Very Interesting!
Woddy’s CB Gazette

GMRS And FRS Radio Links

FCC Proposes Radical Changes to GMRS
FCC Rules for the General Mobile Radio Service From PRSG
General GMRS Information From FCC
GMRS And FRS Information From Ray Vaughan
GMRS Frequencies With Additional Information, From Popular Wireless
GMRS Licensing Info From FCC
GMRS Licensing Information From Personal Radio Steering Group (PRSG)
GMRS National Repeater Guide From PRSG
How to choose Two-Way Radios
Information About Motorola Radios From BatLabs
Nice List Of GMRS Links From Personal Radio Steering Group (PRSG)
Older, But Good GMRS Licensing Information
“Popular Wireless” – A GMRS Magazine

Marine Radio Links

How to obtain a Marine Radio license

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