Rig Resources

The purpose of this page is to provide product information beyond the usual eHam reviews to help you make a purchase decision. I thought it would be nice to have a good library of descriptive information available in one place, including resources such as brochures and owner manuals.

Some of the finest rigs in the medium price range are those made by Kenwood, Ten-Tec and Elecraft (with the exception of the discontinued Icom IC-756 Pro III which is a popular favorite), so I am beginning with those three brands. Later I will be adding resources for Yaesu and Icom, and possibly information on popular general coverage receivers. Please email me any good rig resources that you are familiar with, particularly information that is not widely known or difficult to locate.

NOTE: I would like to seek your help in expanding this section. There are many fine radios that are not represented here, and I haven’t had much time lately to search out more resources. If you have some favorite radios, please send me some of the best links you can find for more information on each of the radios, and I will add your information to this section to make it more beneficial to all who use these references. Send your notes to tom@aa6ts.com. Thanks!



Comments on the Kenwood TS-590S Transceiver

Kenwood TS-590S Audio Profiles by W1AEX

NRW Kenwood TS-590S Resources Page

TS-590S Product Brochure

TS-590S Instruction Manual

TS-590S “In-Depth Manual”



TS-570S Instruction Manual

TS-570D Service Manual



TS-2000 Manual

TS-2000 Brochure

Note: The Kenwood TS-200X includes the 1.2GHZ band with 10W output



Omni VII

Omni VII Manual

Omni VII Brochure

How to Update Ten-Tec Omni VII Firmware



Eagle Manual

Eagle Brochure

Eagle Modification for External Receiver or SDR Panadapter




KX3 Manual

KX3 Owner’s Manual Errata

KX3 Quick Reference



K3 Manual – High-Res Version

K3 Manual – Low-Res Version

K3 Owner’s Manual Errata

Elecraft K3 Review from ARRL National Contest Journal

KXV3 Transverter Interface Option Manual

Errata for KXV3A. Rev A-1. (03/27/2011)


Elecraft Updates

Elecraft Software and Firmware Updates


(More coming later – Ten-Tec, Elecraft, Icom, Yaesu and more Kenwood. Please check back!)