I want to share this blog with both working virtual assistants as well as with business clients seeking information about hiring a virtual assistant.

If you are a business owner or executive and are curious how a virtual assistant can be used to manage a portion of your office or administrative duties, this forum is a good place to ask questions, communicate with a virtual assistant, or just to “lurk” and see what is being discussed, all without pressure or committment!

If you are a virtual assistant, use this forum to meet other virtual assistants and discuss your trade or to make contact with potential clients seeking a VA or a quote for possible work available.

Announcements, inquiries, tips and other communications are also welcome as long as everything is kept on a professional level.

If you are among the first to discover this site, you will not find much to look at, but don’t make a judgement just yet. It will take time to build the site and to get the word around to others, so please continue to check back here on a regular basis and to make a few posts while you are here to help us get off to a good start.

Thanks for visiting!