What is the best answer to that question? A virtual assistant is a self-employed entrepreneur who generally works from a home office to provide professional administrative and routine office assistance to clients.

The advantage to a VA working this way is the ability to determine when, how and how much they work. The advantage to the client is that they can employ the services of a VA on an “as-needed” basis rather than having to hire an additional employee, and are thus free from having to provide employee benefits, insurance and taxes. In addition, clients do not need to provide office space, supplies and equipment.

That is the brief, or “elevator” version. In addition, most virtual assistants tend to be highly skilled in the services they provide, and some enjoy working in specialty or niche areas. Often virtual assistants are at the forefront of technology and business, such as social media marketing, event planning, web page design, customer service, and just knowing what it takes for their client to stand out and be successful in a competitive environment.

Employers are under no obligation to employ a VA on a regular basis, and may use their services as little or as often as their needs require. Often a VA will offer a discount for a guaranteed amount of work each month on a “retainer” basis, but this arrangement is usually always much lower than the cost of hiring a full-time or part-time employee.

The fees paid to a virtual assistant are only for the work provided plus any materials used – no worries about employees doing personal work on company time, socializing during work hours, or getting paid for sick time or personal leave.

Virtual Assistants just simply make good sense! Feel welcome to add your comments until we are all sure everything is covered.